By Vincenzo Ramón Bisogni


It was the 23rd of May 1944 and she, on the first of February of that very year, had just turned twenty-two….

Mom and Dad

Renata Tebaldi was born in Pesaro, in an apartment on Via 20 Settembre, on the first of February 1922. It was 5:00 pm and in the firmament Acquarius dominated.
Her father, Teobaldo, was from Pesaro……..

Turning the Pages of the Press….

Tebaldi – Butterfly, that is, Noble Innocence

Many know with certainty – or perhaps even intelligently foretold – that Renata Tebaldi, summarily attached both vocally and psychologically to Puccini, nourished more that one doubt….

Thirty Years Have Passed

Last May 23rd was the date that marked exactly thirty years since Renata Tebaldi, in 1976, wished to give her last song to many, many admireres, who ran to her at La Scala in Milan; and if we say give, there is a reason because that recital was exclusively a benefit, all for the Friuli populations that had just been struck by a devastating earthquake…..

Her Voice Teachers 

With no doubt between Ettore Campogalliani, in the first months at the Conservatory of Parma, and Ugo De Caro, during the very last of her American years, the name which has a prominent place among those of the voice teachers who received the task (very easy and difficult at the same time) of enriching with a suitable technique the privileged voice of Renata Tebaldi was that of Carmen Melis….

Angel voice and evil rumours 

If la Scala did not hesitate to open its doors wide to Renata Tebaldi in 2002, it was only to pay tribute to that young star in progress, who hade been called by Toscanini along with other voices of solid reputation for the second inauguration of the theatre in May 1946…

La Tina, a tenor and a beloved little dog

Six years after the accession of Renata Tebaldi to the throne of the Metropolitan in New York, as the queen voice, also Franco Corelli, the hero coming from the Marche region, was called at the Met, where he would become a star by singing in 19 different roles for 375 evenings often along with “Miss Sold-out”…

Tebaldi and Verdi

Renata Tebaldi has declared more than once that she considered the performance at the end of 1945 in Trieste, when she sang in the role of Desdemona in Verdi’s “Otello”, her debut on the scene.
From that moment to her last performance (once again as Desdemona at the Met in 1973), she played eleven characters of Verdi’s operas…