The Foundation

About us

Founded on 30th December 2004 with the approval of Ms. Renata Tebaldi and legally recognised on 27th January 2005, its purpose is to protect and strengthen the great Artist’s memory and name in the world.

The Foundation is non-profit making and pursues its objectives through the promotion of cultural and musical activities of various kind, prevalently through the International Voice Competition and concerts. The Foundation is financially supported through contributions, sponsorship, donations, voluntary aid and promotional activities specifically organised for this purpose by the Foundation.

“… with the aim of promoting a cultural activity and more precisely a singing competition dedicated to me, I am extremely happy and excited to take part in the initiative and therefore authorise the Promoting Committee … I further authorise the establishment of a Foundation or Association having as its non-profit making purpose the future organisation of cultural events related to the performance of singing competitions in the opera sector and, generally speaking, classical music competitions dedicated to myself as a person and an artist.”
Renata Tebaldi