The Foundation

Founded on 30th December 2004 with the approval of Ms. Renata Tebaldi and legally recognised on 27th January 2005, its purpose is to protect and strengthen the great Artist’s memory and name in the world.

The Foundation is non-profit making and pursues its objectives through the promotion of cultural and musical activities of various kind, prevalently through the International Voice Competition and concerts. The Foundation is financially supported through contributions, sponsorship, donations, voluntary aid and promotional activities specifically organised for this purpose by the Foundation.

photo by Marco Poderi Studio

International Voice Competition

The first edition of the Competition dates back to 2005. Renata Tebaldi herself, who died on 19 December 2004, participated in the organization.

The Competition takes place every two years and selects singers from all over the world. Those who are talented and skilled enough to be engaged by the greatest international theatres are awarded prizes.

The Fondazione, which is a non-profit organization, through its activity, and particularly through the International Voice Competition, is constantly committed to fulfil Renata Tebaldi’s wish and desire: to help young talented artists who are aware and respectful of their gift, music and audience become future protagonists of bel canto.

Efficient and effective management and organizational work has always been a strong point of the Fondazione. We particularly pay attention to people’s needs and hospitality, interpreting the spirit which inspired Renata Tebaldi when she agreed to create the foundation named after her.

Supporting the Fondazione Renata Tebaldi means helping young talents concretely.

photo by Riccardo Gallini

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