2015 Edition – Ancient and Baroque Repertoire Section

The Winners

Teatro Titano - San Marino RSM 19th September 2015

First prize

Lucía Martín-Cartón | Spain | Soprano

Lucia Martin

Second prize

Lavinia Bini | Italy | Soprano

Lvinia Bini

Third prize

Arianna Stornello | Italy | Soprano

Arianna Stornello

Audience’s prize

Lavinia Bini | Italy | Soprano

111 RT FIN 2015 09 19

The winners concert

Teatro Titano - San Marino RSM 19th Settembre 2015


Teatro Titano - San Marino RSM 19th Settembre 2015

The international Jury


The semi-finalists of Ancient and Baroque Repertoire section of this 6th Edition of the Renata Tebaldi International Voice Competition are 11 girls and one man representing 5 different countries: Italy, Spain, Korea, United States and Japan.

The verdict came after the first day of preliminary phase and the first performances of competitors performed on the stage of Teatro Titano, accompanied on the harpsichord by Maestri Federica Bianchi and Filippo Pantieri. The jury heard two arias for every candidate: one at the discretion of the singer and one of their choice, Vivaldi and Händel most popular composers.

The President of the international Jury, Sebastian F. Schwarz is satisfied: “we started our work in a very relaxed atmosphere and open dialogue. The level of the candidates is very high.” This will promise to be so arduous work of the semi-final which will reduce to maximum 6 the number of competitors to argue over the final on Saturday evening.

Soprano Alice Rossi (Italy)

Contralto Benedetta Mazzucato (Italy)

Soprano Arianna Stornello (Italy)

Mezzo-soprano Alessia Martino (Italy)

Soprano Leslie Visco (Italy)

Soprano Antonia Harper (Italy)

Soprano Kyoko Hattori (Japan)

Soprano Lavinia Bini (Italy)

Soprano Lucìa Martìn Cartòn (Spain)

Soprano Soo Yeon Lim (South Korea)

Mezzo-soprano Margherita Rotondi (Italy)

Countertenor Víctor Jiménez Díaz (Spain)