Support the Renata Tebaldi Foundation!

The programme “Support the Renata Tebaldi Foundation!” allows private people, associations and foundations to support the Foundation’s activity of helping young talented opera singers and celebrating the great woman and artist Renata Tebaldi.

Join the Foundation by making a donation. You can choose the amount between the ranges proposed: as a supporter, donor, benefactor or patron you will give the Foundation Renata Tebaldi the possibility to carry on selecting and accompanying in their career young talents as well as to organize concerts and top quality training activities for the Bel Canto to pay homage to the great Italian opera tradition.

By making a donation to the Renata Tebaldi Foundation you will enter the “Club Amici Fondazione Renata Tebaldi”. In this way you will gain privileged access to some initiatives.

Inform us 
about your intention of making a donation and we will send you detailed information about scheduled activities so you can choose which activity(s) to support. Moreover, you will be granted an official certificate by the Foundation and exclusive gadgets.

Make your donation now and enter the “Club Amici Fondazione Renata Tebaldi”Dona ora!

Free donation from 50 to 250 Euros.

Donations from 250 to 1,000 Euros – Supporter

Donations from 1,000 Euros to 3,000 – Donor

Donations from 3,500 Euros to 8,000 – Benefactor

Donations from 9,000 Euros and more – Patron

For your contributions:
Cassa di Risparmio della Repubblica di San Marino
Agenzia: Borgo Maggiore
IBAN: SM 32 E 06067 09801 000010107963
Codice Identificativo Bancario SWIFT/BIC: C S S M S M S M
Banca di San Marino – Agenzia: Borgo Maggiore
IBAN: SM 04 R 08540 09805 000050149270
Codice identificativo SWIFT/BIC M A O I S M S M
Banca Agricola Commerciale
 – Agenzia: Borgo Maggiore
IBAN: SM 91 T 03034 09804 000040116933
Codice identificativo SWIFT/BIC B A S M S M S M


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