Renata and San Marino


by Renata Tebaldi

I have been asked to talk about the Republic of San Marino, the oldest republic in the world, and I do so with great pleasure, taking my cue from the ceremony which I took part in for the Captains Regent’s inaugural ceremony.

I experienced a very suggestive and moving day; I immediately felt involved by the historical significance of everything that passed before my eyes and wish to thank His Excellency Rosolino Martelli for inviting me among his closest guests.

This is a truly extraordinary country that expresses its historical past day after day; the hospitality of its inhabitants is really touching, just as touching is the earnestness of their friendship, when granted.

Rare things these today! I have experienced all this and it has been of great comfort to me, because it was not a tribute to Renata Tebaldi, the famous singer, but to Renata the guest.

And so, after travelling around the world for years, when I realised just how friendly this small Republic was, I decided not to restrict my visits to the summer season alone and to rent an apartment in Borgo Maggiore, where I have lived much of my life in the last four years. I have a spacious terrace from where I enjoy a wonderful view that stretches from Gabicce Monte to Milano Marittima.

Yet another adorable aspect of San Marino.

It really is impossible to describe the ecstasy of a sunset or dawn from such a privileged position, just as it is impossible to describe the magic of the full moon coming up behind the lit-up fortresses, on a clear summer evening.

For me, and I think for all visitors to this small, big Republic, the memory of the view of San Marino will remain among the dearest.

Taken from “Notizia” – 30th June 1988