Vincenzo Ramón Bisogni


The voice of Renata Tebaldi came very early in his life. A love born at first listen and grown more and more over the years. He has written much of Her, the “Signorina”, and when he knew about the Renata Tebaldi Foundation, he immediately poured that love upon us.
Musicologist, expert on voices and dispassionate lover of opera Vincenzo Ramon Bisogni is our main reference point for all information regarding the history of the singers, their artistic career and any curiosity about them. A huge living encyclopedia that the Renata Tebaldi Foundation is proud to refer to. But Vincenzo Ramon Bisogni is above all a great man who is close to us and that we would like to thank by offering him this reward to prove all our gratitude and deep friendship, which we know is widely reciprocated.


Neapolitan, graduated in Law, he lives in Trieste.
He collaborates with the magazine “Musica” by writing essays about the vocal style of Renata Tebaldi, Giulietta Simionato, Cesare Siepi and other big names. Some of his articles have been published in the “Gazzetta di Parma” and “La Rassegna Musicale Italiana”.
Bisogni has often been a guest on RAI Radiotré and TG1 specials and edits explaining notes for CD booklets. He has translated and adapted “The Girl of the golden West” by David Belasco, produced at the Institut Français de Florence and at the Puccini’s House/Museum in Torre del Lago and performed several times (among the others in Trieste for the event “Musei di Sera” – “Museums by night”).
Bisogni has been a member of the jury of many voice contests (the latest are the “Lauri Volpi of Latina 2008” – of which he will be the artistic manager in 2012 – and the “Leopoldo Mugnone – Città di Caserta” 2011 and 2012). He collaborates with the Maggio Musicale Fiorentino Theatre and the Renata Tebaldi Foundation of San Marino.
In 2007, at the University of Kluj-Napoca, Bisogni gave lectures on the “Mediterranean vocal style from Caruso to Tebaldi” and Luciano Pavarotti; in 2008 he took part into a meeting about Maria Malibran at the Philarmonic Academy of Bologna.
Bisogni published “Renata Tebaldi: Viaggio intorno ad una voce” (2000); in 2001, “Tutto Verdi (o quasi) dalla V alla I”; in 2006, “Caruso, Caniglia, Stignani & Compagnia Cantante all’Ombra del Vesuvio”. In 2008, for Zecchini Ed. VA, he published a biography of the soprano Victoria de los Angeles and in 2009, “Angelo Mariani, tra Verdi e la Stolz”, followed by “Franco Corelli, Irresistibilmente tenore” and “Richard Wagner: das Rheingeld, un fiume di denaro”. In January 2012, again for Zecchini, Bisogni published “The Pocket Caruso. Un tenore in fuga”, dedicated to the tenor Joseph Schmidt, a victim of Nazi persecutions.
For Autumn 2012, he is preparing a biography of the bass Nicolai Ghiaurov.
Bisogni has his own entry in the “Encyclopaedic Dictionary of Classical Music” – Rizzoli-BUR, edited by Piero Mioli.


“By Vincenzo Ramón Bisogni

Vincenzo Ramón Bisogni - Honorary Member`` 18 december 2012 ''Omaggio a Renata''

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