September 2019

The scheduled appointment on September 17 is organized by the Renata Tebaldi Foundation in collaboration with Teatro di San Carlo and it is placed in the playbill of “Celebrations of the 15th Anniversary of Renata Tebaldi’s death”, a series of events created for the 15th Anniversary of Renata Tebaldi’s death that coincide with the creation of her Foundation. A playbill full

Renata Tebaldi Foundation, through the FRT Belcanto Project want to organize and promote courses, at different levels, for liric singers. In 2019, year of the 15th anniversary of the Renata Tebaldi’s death and the 15th year of activity of her Foundation, the FRT Belcanto Project establishes: Masterclass of High Vocal Specialization, with soprano Fiorenza Cedolins as teacher. The Masterclass will be focused on the