In Naples for Renata Tebaldi

The scheduled appointment on September 17 is organized by the Renata Tebaldi Foundation in collaboration with Teatro di San Carlo and it is placed in the playbill of “Celebrations of the 15th Anniversary of Renata Tebaldi’s death”, a series of events created for the 15th Anniversary of Renata Tebaldi’s death that coincide with the creation of her Foundation.

A playbill full of appointments that in the next months will touch all the temples of the music, all the stages and the cities dear to Renata giving to the public the occasion to better know Renata Tebaldi, the belacanto and the voices of the young talents that have been launched by her Intenational Competition.

Teatro di San Carlo, of which the Angel Voice has been the Queen, couldn’t miss: a conference and a concert to pay hoamge to the Artist.

September 17, 2019 – Circolo Nazionale dell’Unione – Via San Carlo, 99 – Naples

At 6.30 pm

An event made in collaboration with Teatro di San Carlo.



Portrait of the Artist: Renata Tebaldi, the story and the voice


  • Fiorenza Cedolins soprano
  • Massimo Lo Iacono  music critic and writer
  • Niksa Simetovic president of Renata Tebaldi Foundation

To follow: Concert – Homage to Renata, the queen of San Carlo

will perform:

  • Emma Posman, soprano
  • Margherita Tani, mezzosoprano
  • Riccardo Caruso, piano

Free entry subject to availability.