Valducci Family


Roberto Valducci, along with his wife Piera and his daughter Alessia, has been an unconditional and generous supporter and an enthusiastic friend since the first edition of the Renata Tebaldi International Voice Competition.
For the first time since its establishment, the Renata Tebaldi Foundation has appointed a person that does not come from the artistic world in the strict sense of the word Honorary Member, thus recognizing the commitment of the Valducci family to support the production and promotion of local culture expressed through a language which is only apparently distant – from music to films, from art to photography.
Generosity, foresight and a rare all-around view of the arts make the Valducci family a precious example of modern patronage.
Being certain that the efforts made by the Valducci family can become more and more not only a winning bet but a tool to make people understand how culture can be a fundamental element to boost economy, the Foundation is pleased to appoint Roberto, Piera and Alessia Valducci Honorary Members of the Renata Tebaldi Foundation.

Valducci Family Honorary members 22 september 2013