The first edition of the Renata Tebaldi International Voice Competition took place in September 2005, with a longed for yet unexpected high number of participants from all over the world and an echo which was incredibly but concretely at an international level. From the very first edition up to now, this event has been made possible by the numerous sponsors which have generously trusted this contest: in fact, they deemed it to be consideration worthy even though it was something new for our Country. In particular, the Fondazione San Marino Cassa di Risparmio SUMS and the Ente Cassa di Faetano – Banca di San Marino, must be remembered with gratitude for their fundamental contribution, which they have granted with constant and remarkable sensitiveness.

Equally important was the patronage granted by Their Excellencies the Captains Regent and the Secretariats of State for Foreign Affairs, Education and Culture and Tourism, who gave prestige and useful support to that debut.
Encouraged by such success, the Renata Tebaldi Foundation took further steps forward in the following editions in 2007, 2009 and 2011, thus receiving flattering comments from the most distinguished press and international mass-media.

The profile and content of the Competition artistic achievements, the perfect organization and, above all, the professionalism showed in every phase of the event, have been marked as top-quality. With these accomplished goals, the Foundation established collaborations with personalities in the fields of Opera and music coming from the élite of acknowledged professionals. Big names have participated as members of the jury in the following editions of the contest. We could mention Bruno Cagli, President of the Accademia di Santa Cecilia in Rome, mezzo-soprano Teresa Berganza (honorary member of the Foundation), baritone Renato Bruson, tenor Carlo Bergonzi, sopranos Magda Olivero (honorary member of the Foundation), Maria Chiara, Jeannette Pilou, Elizabeth Norberg-Schultz, conductors Gunter Neuhold and Edoardo Muller (honorary member of the Foundation), music critic Vincenzo Ramon Bisogni (honorary member of the Foundation), musician Angelo Nicastro, Director of the Ravenna Festival and present Artistic Director of the Competition, who has dealt with the organization of the 2013 edition.

Not to be forgotten are the yearned for patronage granted by the Alla Scala Theatre in Milan and the San Carlo Theatre in Naples, besides the support of the San Marino National Commission for Unesco. Other experts and skilful collaborators should be remembered but I will not mention them just to avoid writing a long list.

While I am drawing up this text, which I was kindly requested to write by the Associazione Dante Alighieri, the fifth edition of the Competition, which will take place from 20 to 28 September 2013, is in process. On behalf of all the members of the Foundation, I hope that all the efforts, work and commitment of many friends and collaborators, starting from the Chairman of the Board of Directors Niksa Simetovic, will be rewarded with full success as in past editions.

Through this event, the Republic of San Marino has been and still is considered a universal landmark in the safeguard and spread of the art of the bel canto. The good reputation unanimously won through this extraordinary initiative lives up not only to the Foundation but to San Marino as a State and its community. I hope and wish that all this is preserved in the future, despite the understandable difficulties due to the present economic situation: the memory and our deep affection towards Renata Tebaldi will encourage us to carry on with this stimulating and wonderful idea… We rely on the motto: fortune favours the brave!

Rosolino Martelli
Vice Chairman of the Renata Tebaldi Foundation