Teresa Berganza


Teresa Berganza, a primadonna with a worldwide renowned vocal and interpretative style, has held the destiny of the prize awarded by our Foundation in honour of Renata Tebaldi with vivid competence in two consecutive editions. Even this year Mrs. Berganza has accepted to take part in the Competition in the role of incredibly skilful musician, womanly vivacious, generous, devoid of any fictitious behaviour as she has been and still is in her life and on the stage for her loyalty free from empty formality. It is well known that the wide repertoire exalted by Mrs. Berganza’s musicality and technical mastery had its hub in two gods of music: Mozart and Rossini. This is why we are even more pleased to number her among the members ad honorem of this Foundation, named after the soprano who, as a native citizen of Pesaro, started in Italy the so called “Rossini Renaissance” with a memorable edition of L’Assedio di Corinto at the “Maggio Musicale Fiorentino” in 1949.
 We are happy to welcome you in our ranks, which will be enriched by your precious presence.


“Singing as an expression of style”. Her calling is music and she was born to sing. She has marked Dorabella, Zerlina and Cherubino, Rosina, Angelina and Isabella, Perichole, Dulcinea, Charlotte, Carmen… forever.
Teresa is inwardness, musical delicacy, sensuality and fantasy made poetry.
Her subduing voice is something like the invocation of a mystery made accomplice to the brightness of her gaze. A voice full of magic, which is not an intention of itself but a natural means to the service of a sentiment which breaths into singing both the ideal lyric purity of a melody and the taking of an existentialist dramatic passion. A voice to and for every vowel, a voice for musical words, which she melts in a prodigious way. Teresa Berganza enriches the sounds through inexorable phrasing, managing to emit clear words. Her legato fuses rhythms and cadencies like a goldsmith. Teresa Berganza has such a vigorous personality that is able to create a style, one sings as one is and Teresa Berganza is inwardness poetry, a style minted that day in Aix-en-Provence, when some French critics announced the birth of an epoch-making mezzo-soprano, confirmed in Salzburg, to reach its peak in Edinburgh when Teresa assumed the difficult and transcendental commitment of facing Carmen, a woman-character of soul and body that places freedom and love before her own life. Berganza’s style bewitched the temples of opera all over the world.
Berganza is the only female member of academic rank in the Real Academia de Bellas Artes de San Fernando.
After all, Teresa Berganza is more than a mezzo-soprano, she is a way of feeling, a vibrating style full of charisma and majesty like a goddess.



TERESA BERGANZA al Concerto dei Vincitori 2011

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TERESA BERGANZA ...e la Fondazione