Serena Autieri portrays Renata Tebaldi, one of the most famous soprano in the world

Renata Tebaldi’s story will air on Monday October 12th in the late evening on Rai3. Renata Tebaldi is the third episode of “Illuminate”, a docu-series produced by Anele in collaboration with Rai3. This TV program intends to pay homage to four important women who have had a great impact on our culture: Sandra Mondaini, Alda Merini, Renata Tebaldi and Gae Aulenti.

The realization of this project has been made possible thanks to the narratives of Katia Ricciarelli, the conductor Beatrice Venezi, the soprano Chiara Taigi, la Tina (Ernestina Viganò), the biographer Vincenzo Ramon Bisogni and Renata Bertinotti. Moreover, Renata Tebaldi’s episode was shot in the Republic of San Marino, the place where the artist spent the last years of her life and where the Foundation that bears her name was created. On site, the docu-film was carried out thanks to Anele, Renata Tebaldi’s Foundation, the Secretary of State for Tourism, Federico Pedini Amati, Franca Rastelli and their staff, the director of the Cultural Institutes Vito G Testaj and Claudio Mancini. Locations used for filming include Grand Hotel San Marino, Caffè Titano, Palace Hotel – San Marino, Grand Hotel Primavera San Marino, Antica Bifora, Planet Service SRL, La Spingarda, In or Out – Street Food & Bar.