A person and an artist of extreme vitality and sensitivity. She can instill the love for singing to anybody who establishes a relationship with her. A great fan of Renata Tebaldi, in 2011, she came into contact with the Foundation named after the soprano when she was called to be a member of the Jury at the International Voice Competition. She was reconfirmed in her role in 2013 and honored the Competition with her active, careful, generous and loving presence. She worked as a juror for the Competition with accuracy and willingness fully identifying with the spirit of the event.
In these years she has been caring for the Foundation with sincere affection always offering her help.
To Elizabeth, who showed real attachment to the Competition through her embracing smile and her grace, goes the heartfelt praise of the Renata Tebaldi Foundation and the acknowledgement as an honorary member to seal this artistic and human bond.


Elizabeth Norberg-Schulz




Elizabeth Norberg-Schulz

San Marino 26 september 2015