In Parma for Renata Tebaldi

The scheduled appointment on October 12 is organized by the Renata Tebaldi Foundation in collaboration with A. Boito Conservatory in Parma and it is placed in the playbill of “Celebrations of the 15th Anniversary of Renata Tebaldi’s death”, a series of events created for the 15th Anniversary of Renata Tebaldi’s death that coincide with the creation of her Foundation.

The Foundation has been established in San Marino on December 2004 with the approval of Renata Tebaldi, the same place where she died on December 2019. The Foundation has the aim to help young talents of the opera world to have real job opportunities.

A rich program that from the Republic of San Marino will touch all the music temples, cities and stages dear to Renata. A playbill full of appointments that the last month have touched the city of Naples and next Saturday will reach Parma. All these events have been tought to give to the public the occasion to better know Renata Tebaldi, the belacanto and the voices of the young talents that have been launched by her Intenational Competition, remembering Renata through music, as she wanted to.

It couldn’t miss the A. Boito Conservatory where it all began: a conference “Renata Tebaldi: the beginning and the myth” and a concert in which the students of the Fiorenza Cedolins’ Masterclass of High Vocal Specialization will sing. She will take part even to the conference together with Michele Ballarini, teacher of the Conservatory and expert of on discography. Vincenzo Ramón Bisogni, author of “Renata Tebaldi. «Dolce maestà». Figlia, Donna, Icona”, Zecchini Publisher, will be the guest star.

An event born to pay homage to the Artist which voice had a quality that is found “once every fifty years” as Riccardo Zandonai said after listening her when she was only eighteen years old.

Her name still shines on the Hollywood Walk of Fame, the famous street where over 2,000 stars are celebrated. There are only 14 Italians among them and they are on the list for their contribution to art and entertainment.


Free entry subject to availability.