On the 10th anniversary of her death

In December 2004, exactly 10 years ago, Renata Tebaldi left us. She was a great artist, who chose our Republic as her last residence and right here she wanted a Foundation named after her. The aim of the Foundation, as she desired, is to help young talented artists start a career in opera also to keep her memory and art alive.

The moral legacy which the Foundation has received from Renata Tebaldi, a person of great importance, rare talent, honesty and professionalism but also an incredibly human and careful woman, encourages us to devote ourselves as much as possible to keep her memory and model alive for future generations and the talents who have had the privilege of knowing her in person.

On the occasion of the tenth anniversary of Tebaldi’s death the Foundation will organize two musical events of great importance and artistic value, thanks to BANCA AGRICOLA COMMERCIALE:

On 1st December 2014 – at Teatro Titano RSM

at 21.00 – Concert “Homage to Renata Tebaldi”

First part
Eve-Maud Hubeaux

Raffaele Cortesi, Piano

Second part

Carlo Vistoli
Julie Fioretti 

Patricia Lavail flute, Boris Winter violin, Jay Bernfeld viol (or viola da gamba), and Justin Taylor cello

On 19th December 2014 – at the Basilica of San Marino RSM

20.00 – Holy Mass
21.00 – Petite Messe Solennelle by G. Rossini

Solo singers: Anna Kasyan – Romina Tomasoni – Davide Giusti – Kyu Bong Lee

Conductor Nicola Paszkowski
Choir La Stagione Armonica 
Choir director Sergio Balestracci

Davide Cavalli – Davide Muccioli, Pianos
Elisa Cerri, Harmonium