The Scarf

The seventh edition saw the launch of an exclusive accessory: the splendid “Rosa Renata Tebaldi” scarf dedicated to Renata Tebaldi and created by the skilled artisan hands of the Maison DAPHNÉ Sanremo, Atelier that has always combined sartorial tradition and modern creativity giving life to unique collections full of history and culture.

The scarf created by the Foundation and honored to its supporters tells a story: the story of an unforgettable woman who left her mark in opera with her “angel voice”, an extremely elegant woman, one of the most famous opera singers of all the times whose memory remains alive thanks to the Foundation she wanted and named after her and to the events organized in her name, first of all this important two-year competition.

DAPHNÉ Sanremo è uno degli Atelier di Haute Couture più prestigiosi della Riviera e della Costa Azzurra, famoso per le sue creazioni ispirate ai fiori, ai colori ed ai paesaggi della costa mediterranea, unisce tradizione sartoriale e moderna creatività, dando vita a collezioni uniche nel loro genere.

DAPHNÉ Sanremo is one of the most prestigious Haute Couture Ateliers on the Riviera and the Côte d’Azur, famous for its creations inspired by flowers, colors and landscapes of the Mediterranean coast, combining sartorial tradition and modern creativity, creating unique collections in their gender.

Today more than ever, DAPHNÉ creations testify the desire to promote the quality and values ​​of the Italian territory, culture, history and roots are the main source of inspiration. A company that has made the beauty of its land a value, with the ability to incorporate a high aesthetic dimension into the material and product.